It was August 28th, the eve of Labor Day weekend when the email came……"Good morning, Jeanne," it said. "My name is Jane Waller and I am a veterinarian in Marshall, MO. My office does a lot of rescue work, and I was contacted yesterday about a Dandie whelped in 1994 that will need rescue help to be placed. He is in a puppy mill and they no longer want him. I am trying to get him into rescue instead of seeing him sent to a dog auction where he will end up in another mill. Can you give me any suggestions where to get help for him? I have never worked with this breed before and so have no established contacts. Time will be important, but they know that it will be next week before I can take him in because my clinic is currently filled for the holiday weekend.

Thank you , Jeane Waller, DVM"


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