Last week, July 2nd 2000 we had a puppymeeting at Enschede, one could say "as usual".
A group of Dutch breeders do come together every time a bitch has whelped and puppies have been born to talk about the quality of the newcomers and discuss about the good and bad points and of course to see each other and speak about the breed.




It was rather "Hot" at that time and a lot of drinks were served.


We had a visit of 1 Deerhound, 3 dandies and
3 kids, the others were aldults. 




It is always a happy meeting with a lot of good feelings and
we all are very glad we can speak openly without being jealous. 
Who will be next????


The kids made nice drawings and were busy at the computer


I got very nice flowers.

Thank you very much!!!


The pups were very tired of playing with the kids.
They also got a nice present.
(Violet eagle).
As soon as the adult Dandies got the new toy, it was destroyed and had no more nose and feet.
Terrible this "going to ground!!"


It is also good to know which competitors one can expect!!!!  :-))